We are going to be talking about how you can become a better tutor. With school just starting again, with your new semester or your new quarter, a lot of us with our new year were thinking “ok I need to do better in school, how can I do that? Maybe I need to get a tutor!” And then there’s others of us who we are going to be the tutors. Now I’ve been a tutor since eighth grade. So this article is going to be a list of all the things that I have found to be helpful So, the first thing that I focus on when I tutor is making sure that the client or student feels confident. The biggest issue with students is that they don’t feel confident in the subject which is why they need or feel that they need tutoring. Every student that I have taught has had a brain. Every student that I have taught is very smart and very intelligent. Their biggest issue is they’re not confident in the subject. And this is something that I think tutors really don’t focus on. They focus on the material, which yes it’s very important, but it’s the environment that you put that student in. And if you make them feel confident, “hey good job you’re doing really great,” or “that was in the correct answer but you are trying and you are almost there.” You know you have to just give them that little confidence. And then end of every session, what I always have my students do, if confidence is their biggest issue, is to when they’re all alone to look at themselves in the mirror and say, “I am good at blah blah blah blah.” Whatever the subject is. So I think it’s math. “I am good at math. I can do math. I am good at math. I can do math. This is easy.” And just a little mantras to them selves but to themselves, looking themselves in the eye so they believe it. And the more you say something the more you’re going to believe it. Another thing that goes along with confidence is if the tutors themselves’s aren’t supportive. And I heard this from my most recent client where she was telling me, “you know, D.C., you have helped so so much because you are supporting me.” So that is something that’s really important is to just be supportive of your students. “Hey you’re doing a great job. If you ever need anything just let me know.” And I always tell my students “hey you can come and talk to me if you need to. Whether it’s about school, the subject or anything else.” Because sometimes that confidence that we were just talking about it leaks into the subject because they are not confident in something else. Personal life can definitely affect your school life. So I always tell them, “yo I am here for you. If you ever need to talk about anything don’t hesitate.” And very few people do actually come to me about those outside issues, but knowing that someone is actually willing to listen to you about outside things or just about school things in general, makes them want to come to the sessions. And it makes them eager to learn about new things because you’re there for them. Be supportive of the student i n the subject and just for them being a human being. So the third thing I want to talk about is if you come into the session where you clearly feel better than the student. So I don’t know this person I don’t know where they are coming from, and I don’t know what skills they have that I don’t. So I’m not going to walk into a session and be like, “I,m so much better than you and I know everything about this subject and blah blah blah blah No. That’s not true. But just coming in cocky in general, being like, “Ok, yeah let’s just get this over with. You’re stupid.” Well, that goes back to number one confidence and number two being supportive. Don’t come in like an ass. The fourth thing that is very important is bringing in real-world situations. So I get all the time, “why do I need to learn math? Why do I need to do algebra?” That is a whole rant that I don’t have time for in this video, but math is the basis of everything. So I’m going to leave it at that. And I get mad at my students when they say that. But when they say that it’s because they’ve never seen a real world example of what they’re studying. So if you’re, whatever your tutoring make sure to bring in something that you’ve experienced with that subject from your life or Google it. The last and final tip I have for you is don’t let your students walk all over you. Remember that remember that they need to be supportive of you as well. They need to be respectful of you. You are the tutor. You’re the one their to help them. So go out there and spread some knowledge everyone. I hope that you all like this article and benefit from it in someway if you’re a student or a tutor. Thank you


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