Mathematics may be a high-scoring subject; you simply got to certify to be clear with the ideas. follow additional and additional to resolve your issues and conjointly slowly you’ll develop interest mechanically. Following tips will assist you to score high in Maths:
Make separate copies for formula and theorems to revise simply any time.
Do follow to urge speed and accuracy.
Beware of the silly mistakes that you just usually create.
Solve last year question papers and sample papers.
Do every and each question and solved example of NCERT book.
Focus on NCERT book.
Time management:
You can apportion it slow following way:
2.25 min for 1 mark question, 4.5 min for 2 marks question, 6.75 min for 3 marks, 9 min for 4 mark question
1 × 6 = 6 marks (2.25 Min for every Que) 2.25 × 6 = 13.5 Min
2 × 6 = 12 marks (4.5 min for every Que) 4.5 × six = twenty seven Min
3 × ten = 30 Marks (6.75 Min for every Que)
6.75 × ten = 67.5 Min
4 × eight = thirty two Marks (9 Min for every Que)
9× eight = seventy two Min
13.5 + 27 + 67.5 + 22 = 180 Min
By following this calculation you’ll complete your paper on time.

Most students typically have several issues whereas handling English subject. particularly once it involves tenth board examination, students tend to attain low in English subject. Following area unit some tips to be followed for making ready for English exams:
Practice mock papers.
Go through Previous Year Papers.
Refer latest Sample Papers by CBSE.
Work on writing skills .
Science question paper consists of various styles of questions:

  1. Very Short Answer & Short Answer
    Attempt all queries.
    Read question rigorously and certify that answers aren’t terribly drawn-out.
    In case of confusion, spare time at the top of examination for that question.
  2. Long Answer
    Read question properly and therefore the marks allocation to every half and sub-elements of the question.
    Explain drawn-out answers with examples and diagrams.
    Always draw diagrams with a pencil with correct labeling in block letters.
    Recheck for all logic and calculations.
    Underline keywords of the answers.
    Draw a line once every answer to point finish of that answer and start of latest answers.
    Social Studies
    Following area unit some tips to be followed for making ready for tenth Board Social Studies exams:
    Read chapters comprehensively while not skipping any content (boxes gloss included).
    Make a flow chart of (only names) imp dates, events, people.
    Write an awfully short outline of every imp episode/ policy etc (50 to sixty words only).
    Map work got to be taken seriously and practiced.
    After hunting the course, prepare the previous year’s papers.
    During the examination, time try and follow the sequence of question paper.
    Tick mark the queries that you just have tried.
    For one mark question {only one|just one|only one} purpose or 1 word and for three mark question three points with rationalization and five|for five} marks 5 points with rationalization and write the sub-points with a black pen.
    Follow the directions properly.
    If you follow the following tips religiously, you’ll be ready well for your tenth board exams, even with less time left before the examination starts. The 10th board is a very important milestone in your life. Therefore, you want to create is guaranteed to leave no stone unturned to form yourself and your folks proud. At an equivalent time, conjointly lookout of your health!

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